Brief on China National Seed Trade Association
By cnsta Secretariat
Published: 2013.05.28
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Brief on China National Seed Trade Association

I.                  What is China National Seed Trade Association (CNSTA)

1.       CNSTA is a National Organization of China Seed Industry.

l  Established in 1988, CNSTA was formed voluntary by agricultural seed trade sector and related industries, research and development, production, processing, testing, trade, packaging, printing and other related businesses or organizations. On behalf of the interests of seed and related industries, CNSTA established in accordance with China law with legal personality and non-profit nationwide & social organization.

2CNSTA is a Vision of Social Groups.

l  The mission is to become a strong promoter for the development of China seed industry and defender of China market regulation, an effective carrier of innovation for its members and Collaborators, and contribute to sustainable development of agriculture and improvement of life quality.

l  The vision is to become China's most dynamic and efficient seed  professional association, to mobilize all members and partners to transformation of agriculture new technologies and plant resources through continuous improvement of production and  seed  quality in market, to contribute to sustainable agriculture production, food security and economic development in urban and rural areas and achieve the members of common values.

3Services for Members as CNSTA’s Top Priority

l  The tenet is to serve as a member service, safeguard the national and members’ interests, and play an important role in economic construction and social development.

l  All activities are for service to members, CNSTA represents and safeguards the interests of members. No member would be no CNSTA.

l  Reflect aspirations of members with an effective bridge between enterprises and governments.

4CNSTA Operated by Secretariat and Managed by Board of Directors Elected

l  The board members elected in accordance with the Articles of Association.

l  Responsibility by Secretary-General under the leadership of President and Board Members.

l  Day-to-day working is conducted by full-time staff in Secretariat in Beijing.

II.               What are the Main CNSTA Services or Activities?

l  To provide members with seed information at home and abroad, organize and promote seed trade activities and analyse the trends of industry development.

l  To publicize and implement of national seed laws, regulations and policies as well as promote of international seed trade rules and norms.

l  To carry out the consultation, technical services and better the members communication; Organize joint research on key project with Maximizing the allocation of members’ resources to achieve a win-win cooperation.

l  To establish network and publication of association, organize  activities of academic and experienced exchange to raise the theory and practice level of members.

l  To actively organize special visits and technical training at home and abroad, and timely track and master new technologies of seed development.

l  Active in organizing high-level forum for the development of seed industry, play a coordinating function and actively reflect the aspirations of members, and safeguarding legitimate rights and interests of members; organize seed policies studies and forward rational proposals to policy-mkers.

l  To set up Special interesting Group to promote industry self-regulation and develop industry specifications.

l  To actively develop cooperation with the international seed industry and related organizations, explore ways and means in collaboration with international rules to guide members to international seed market.

l  To well organize annual seed congress of association and create high-level forums, advice and trading platform for members.

l  To improve service, protect members’ rights and co-ordinate trade disputes among members.

l  To conduct other activities with conducive to the development of seed industry.

III.           Why join CNSTA?

1.Priority to participate in important activities organized by  CNSTA such as annual congress with low cost and high efficiency.

l  As one of the important activities, CNSTA will hold high level annual congress.

l  To participate in the annual congress, business opportunities can bring immeasurable through trade talks, exhibitions and forums.

l  To provide with a platform to understand the development of seed industry and communicate with government on policy-making.

2.Priority to advertise your products in CNSTA web and publication.

3.To list your company name in CNSTA web and publication.

4.To access to special page of CNSTA web.

5.To get special technical and logistical support from CNSTA Secretariat.

6.To print Member of CNSTA signs in your company publication and packaging.

7. In all CNSTA meetings, your voices on seed policies and development will be valued.

8.To provide the conciliatory mechanism to resolve trade disputes for you in case.

9.You could receive regularly seed industry-related information at home and abroad, including trade statistics.

10.              Priority to participate in training course and study tours organized by CNSTA at home and abroad.

11.              Priority to participate in international and domestic cooperation and exchange organized by CNSTA, leading you to enter the international market.

12.              To attend ISF Congress on the basis of ISF Constitution.


If you expect to play an active role in China and international seed industry, please join CNSTA.


IV.           How to join CNSTA

1、 Welcome and support all legal organizations engaged in seed business and related, including  the various types of seed companies, associations, chambers to join CNSTA.

2、 The members mainly classified into Senior Member, Ordinary Member,  Association Member, Associate Member and Honorary Member.

3、 Membership dues standard



Annual FeeCN Yuan















Foreign Invested


500 US Dollars


Chinese Citizen



l  Senior Members: the mainstream of domestic organizations and enterprises of seed industry.

√Organizations with a greater impact in domestic seed industry such as enterprises, government agencies, research institutes, media, etc.

√ Board members mainly elected from senior members.

√Consider the balance of areas and crop.

√ Compnies with registered capital over 1,000 million yuan.

√ Companies with registered capital below 1,000 million yuan could choice at their own desire.

l  Ordinary Member: All domestic seed companies, government agencies and the seed industry-related organizations or enterprises Except  Senior Members selected.

l  Association Member: All domestic seed and seed-related associations and chambers.

l  Associate Member: On the basis of China Law and  Regulations, foreign-funded enterprises or associations could join CNSTA without  voting rights and not to enter the Board Members.

l  Honorary Member: Chinese citizens who made or will make a significant contribution or influence to China Seed Industry or CNSTA approved by executive board of directors.


l  Email:;

l  Telephone (Fax):010-8807 9106

l  Mail Address: F14 Sinochem Tower, A2 Fuxingmenwai Street, Beijing 100045, P.R. China

5As long as to Complete the following Application Form, you could become CNSTA member after approval by excetive board members and membership fee paid.


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